Weeknotes Season 3 Episode 4

Posted Sun 26th Mar 2017 approx. 1 min read


I realised this week how I’d missed my little reminders to write a a daily note of what I did. Found it hard to remember. I’d turned off the reminders, thinking that I wasn’t doing them and it was just a little exercise in feeling bad about all the things I’m not doing. Turns out I was doing them - but curious how a part of me was looking to avoid it.

Work has been much like last week - thrashing out the workings of something we’re building, and the discussions we’re having about the process should be reflected in screens we’re building.

More noteworthy for me this week has been the return of the self-doubts about all the things that I’m not doing or don’t know enough about. You’d think I’d have learnt by now that this anxiety is a form of indulgence - being anxious as a substitute for actually doing some work. So let’s see if I can take some concrete steps to nibble away at some of these things I think I should know. - There’s that dangerous word again - ‘should’.