Weeknotes Season 3 Episode 5

Posted Sun 2nd Apr 2017

Show not tell

This week was the acid test for our process of prototyping screens. The idea is that that rather than a scoping and requirements document that doesn’t have the level of detail you need when you get down to building things we have the actual screens which we then show to some clever developers and they can then discuss the best way to ‘wire it all up’. As it turns out it went better than I imagined, and it looks like we can make progress quicker than I expected by extending an existing system rather than building from the ground up. So that was good.

The other big news in work was a round of pretty severe cuts, which even if you’re not directly affected, makes me start pondering all sort of things, from career paths, skills deficits, speculating about possible outcomes and structures and my general outlook since this job has been a pretty central part of my life for a very long time.