Rob Borley - IWMW2012

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Do I Need an App for That?

Helen Sargan - IWMW2012

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Two Years of Running a Content Management Service

EA Draffan - IWMW2012

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Beyond WCAG: Experiences in Implementing BS 8878

Andrew Oakley - IWMW2012

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Key Information Set Data

Neil Allison - IWMW2012

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Experiences in User Centred Design

Kevin Ashley - IWMW2012

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Data and the Web Manager

ILM Sketchnotes

21 Mar 2012 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Lectures

A selection of sketchnotes from a series of ILM sessions I did in work.

DISAG Day presentation sketchnotes

05 Dec 2011 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Presentations

Collected sketchnotes from the DISAG Showcase

Team Meeting

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Notes from a meeting

Slow! Project ahead

21 Dec 2007 in Blog Tagged: Thoughts

Mulling over, with the help of some alcohol, the process of building websites.

Strategic CSS Managment

20 Jun 2006 in Blog Tagged: Thoughts

My thoughts on the very interesting @media presentation on the managment of the css design process.

Pentrych Ride

31 Aug 2005 in Rides Tagged:

At the bottom of a long drag of a hill that I tackled before work. It was far easier than I remembered it. Long, but a lot steeper in my mind. Once at the top there was a great fast bit, where I reached 50km/h and wasn’t stopping to take pictures The numbers for the ride: Distance 31km Time 1:21:01 Average speed 22.96 km/h

Abercynon through the trees

25 Aug 2005 in Rides Tagged:

@media2005 Sketchnotes

13 Jun 2005 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Live

Looking back, through some very old things on the site I found some drawings from @meda2005 - my first conference, and as I see now the start of me drawing during talks. This it what I wrote at the time.

You are here

29 Mar 2005 in Blog Tagged: Thoughts

a nice trip to the design museum

How to lie with maps

18 Jan 2005 in Blog Tagged: Thoughts

Began reading this for the opening chapters which explain very simply, the elements that maps are made of.

Post Modernist Graphics Mindmap

27 Oct 2004 in Sketchnotes Tagged: Mindmaps

Last night’s lecture was about post modern graphics. We tried to get an understanding of where postmodernism came from and what it meant for the modernist way of doing things.

The Graig

07 Jul 2004 in Rides Tagged:

Well that’s that out of the way for another summer. Every year I ride up this hill at least once. I reckon it’s about 1.5km from bottom to top and about 120m up. This is the view back down from very near the top. Round the corner down the hill is the nasty steep bit , where I didn’t want to stop and take a picture in case I couldn’t get going again! This is on the road on the way down. A nice fast reward for all the previous work. Average Speed 20.95 km/h Trip 52:08 Distance 18.20 km

Llantrisant Ride

08 Jun 2004 in Rides Tagged:

Discovered a nice climb around the back of Talbot Green, which winds up into the forest. Although the road is narrow the surface is very good, as you can see from the next picture. On the way down now, the road widens and sweeps nicely down for a mile or two until you emerge on the busy road to Tonyrefail After having cycled up a little way from Tonyrefail you’re rewarded with a pleasant ride through the country lanes, and when you can see above the hedge you can see for miles The Stats: Distance 35.79 km Average Speed 23.94km/h Ride Time 1:29:49 Max 74 km/h (think this is an error on the Bike Computer!) Could be right though.

Merthyr Common

24 May 2004 in Rides Tagged:

Part of this mornings epic ride. Began at 5.30am. Rode for 1hr 39m Average speed - a slow 20km/h Max Speed - a fast 60 km/h Total Distance 34km On the top of the mountain. To the right is Merthyr and the Brecon Beacons, to the left is the down the valley to Pontypridd. The direction I came from. The orange tinge is real, as the sun is rising to the right Looking back, having just come round that big hump Just about to begin the descent into Merthyr on some pretty bad roads If you get the larger version of this you can make out Pen y Fan in the distance