Bike Ride

17 May 2004 in Rides Tagged:

Passed 1000 km mark on road bike. Max Speed 54km/h Trip Distance 24.36 km Average Speed 25.17 km/h Time 58:07


08 Apr 2004 in Rides Tagged:

The hard ridden for view from Aberdare. The climb was about 3km up, and the hardest bit was at the start. By the time I’d got to where I took the pics I was pretty tired, but what always surprises me about riding is how quickly you forget the pain. No doubt the pros would sprint up that climb with barely a bead of sweat. The descent down the other side was great fun, reaching 57 kmh (about 35mph). Even for someone as nervous as me on the descent. The Numbers: Ride time : 1:44:09 Average HR 165 Max 188 Kcals burned 1875 Max speed 57 km/h Trip Distance 38.79km Average Speed 22.88 km/h