Sketchnotes UCISA Event - Preparing for the new digital accessibility requirements

Tagged: Live | Posted: Wed, Sep 18, 2019 approx. 1 min read

UCISA Event - Preparing for the new digital accessibility requirements
Collection of Sketchnotes from UCISA Accessibility Day
Large version for download

Sketchnotes of First Talk Sketches of first talk

A brief outline from Fiona about her path to here, touching on some very familiar issues to the room.

Sketchnotes of talk of demos Sketchnotes of Adil’s talk

Always great to get a talk from someone who actually uses accessibility tools, and enlightening. Adil was also a really engaging speaker, and daredevil.

Sketchnotes of talk by Richard Morton Sketchnotes of Richard Morton’s talk

Accessibility advice from the horses mouth *not an actual horse

Sketchnotes of talk by Ian Woolner Sketchnotes of Ian Woolner’s talk

Ian showed some really handy Microsoft Accessibility tools that everyone was eager to get back and test. Also a key message is Stay current with your software

Sketchnotes of talks from Insitutional Teams Sketchnotes of Institutional Case Studies Talk

The nitty gritty of what people are doing. Always impressed that people get up and are so honest, and I think everyone appreciates it. A little bit of group therapy goes a long way.

Sketchnotes of talk by Ben and George Sketchnotes of Ben and George’s Talk

George blew me away with the depth of the work that he’s done, how many connections and inititaive he’s been involved with and the sheer commitment to trawl through so many public bodies when researching real world statements.

Sketchnotes of talk by Abi James Sketchnotes of Abi James’ Talk

Nice way to finish a day that could easily have been daunting and a downer, but left feeling that despite the massive amount of work still to do, there are so many good resources and people in the area, that it seems more achievable.