Sketchnotes IWMW19 Plenary Talks 11 to 14

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IWMW19 Plenary Talks 11 to 14
Things I wish I'd known
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The closing session of the conference.

Static Site Generators – Developing Websites in Low-resource Condition

In a sort of blast from the past when this conference was a little more technical there was a talk on static sites generators with particular focus on Jekyll. I’m a long time convert of the greatness of static site generators and this very site is built with Jekyll. It’s rather cool and we’ve been using it as a very nice way to archive sites. Paul talked about using Hugo for the Dublin Core site, and more people should get on board for such simple performance and secure ways to have websites - particularly good for reference sub-sites that don’t change much - which universities have tons of.

Developing Communities of Practice

Anna gave a talk about creating communities of practice and managed the rare feat of introducing a new acronym to a pretty acronym aware bunch. VUCA in case you’re interested. It was a good talk but it did strike me that the IWMW conference is the culmination of a pretty comprehensive exercise in community building over many years, so some of the lessons would be familiar to many. I did get the sense that the talk may have encouraged a few to get starting with regional groups - time will tell.

Ask Us Anything!

Glad that people cam eup with good question to prompt good answers. I was particularly encouraged by the demonstration that it’s possible to have a virtual web team comprised of Marketing and IT that works well - they are other way to succeed than the single team.

How to Turn a Web Strategy into Web Services

A tale of wrestling with the reality of a web estate after the formulation of s strategy. Put me in mind of something I once heard

No plan survives contact with the enemy

Attributed to Helmuth von Moltke the Elder

Also liked the finishing reminder to aim big and be kind.