Sketchnotes IWMW19 Plenary Talks 7 and 8

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IWMW19 Plenary Talks 7 and 8
Plenaries on UX and Accessibility
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Grassroots & Guerrillas: The Beginnings of a UX Revolution

Kat talked about the initial introduction of UX at Glasgow mainly through committment and hard work, which now sounds like it’s getting the traction that it needs t make things happen. Sounded like a thankless task at first, but now they are on their way. It was useful to hear how picking targets made things achievable.

So You Think You Know Accessibility

This session was full of very useful specific information on accessibility. It a hand grenade of a talk, really bringing it home just how much work needs to be done to meet accessibility requirements. Well worth a look through the slides and video to get the nitty gritty