Sketchnotes IWMW19 Plenary Talks 5 and 6

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IWMW19 Plenary Talks 5 and 6
IWMW plenary talks 5 and 6
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What we Learnt from Rebuilding the University of Derby Website in 10 Months

The first part of this was a familiar tale of needing to do things better and how an external agency was really helpful - an IWMW is lucky to encourage really useful realtionships with agencies - but with the added pressure of very tough deadline.

The most interesting bits for me were the real world effectiveness of having a pattern library, and the emphasis of proper governance backed up by extensive training. Without those compoenents organisations will struggle to sustain really good products. Transistioning from project to business as usual is the fundamental challenge that is hard to do when resources are so scare.

I loved the simple search focused design and I can only imaging ethe pain to get there.

Connecting Your Content: How to Save Time and Improve Content Quality through Structured Content and Taxonomy

A shout out for Taxonomies and structures - this session was a really engagingly delievered call for structured content. I liked that Pamela wasn’t extolling the idea from a theoretical basis, but as someone who has done it.

Lightning Talks

I’m fond of this slot after my trumphant appearance last year (in my mind at least) and was willing everyone on. Everyone did a good job, and what struck me was the short nature of the talks mean that you can’t really prepare too much and have to get through on pure enthusiam and passion for the subject.