Sketchnotes IWMW19 Plenary Talks 9 and 10

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IWMW19 Plenary Talks 9 and 10
Things I wish I'd known
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How to train your content- so it doesn’t slow you down…

I enjoyed this delve into how to make your content perform better, and shock, horror! - it’s images that are the main issue. Interesting how the take up of better formats has been so slow, but looks likely to change a lot soon with better support.

I can’t remember if Alan touched on the debate about whether even to have images on a page is getting enough attention - often the easiest way to improve an experience would be get rid of a pointless hero image.

Supporting Institutions in Changing Times

I think all the external agencies did a good job of pitching by not pitching. Instead the issues they raised were genuine and accompanied by a genuine desire to help (and get paid, obviously).