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Media in 2023

01 Jan 2024

A year of media

A Year of Reading 2022

30 Jan 2023

A year of reading

2021 Reflections

16 Jan 2022

Big changes, new starts and endings

Practical Calculated Columns in Sharepoint

03 Jan 2021

I’ve been working in SharePoint lists a lot over the last year and have finally gotten round to writing up something I’ve found useful. I’ve written it up in the spirit of sharing that the web is so great for.

Rugby Biographies Lockdown Project

15 Sep 2020

I read a load of Rugby Biographies on a whim.

2019 Reflections

31 Dec 2019

I’ve previously written about my method of logging tasks, and notwithstanding the limitations of just focusing on tasks, I’ve found it enlightening to reflect back on what the data is telling me about what I’ve been spending my time on in 2019. I’m sure reflection is good for you, but like dieting and focus, I struggle to do it. I’ve enjoyed othersweeknotes, but have dropped out of the habit - perhaps a more chart based approach might give me a good base to build some narrative on. So here goes.

2018 Reflections

01 Jan 2019

So common as to be a cliché, here are some of my reflections from the last year that I hope will help me process what has been a particularly interesting year professionally.

Leaving my comfort zone

21 Feb 2018

I’ve recently volunteered to take part in a JISC funded project around developing data dashboards. This blog post is my way of making sense of what I did, how it went and what I learnt. Before I talk about my efforts I need to explain a little about the context. The two organisations supporting this activity are

Todo list system

07 Jan 2018

How I use the TODO.txt ‘system’ to get things done.

2017 in lists

28 Dec 2017

I consumed some media this year. I’ve listed some of the things that stood out. I’ll probably consume some more next year.

World Sketchnote Day 2016

10 Jan 2016

As it’s World Sketchnote Day 2016 tomorrow, I couldn’t let it go by un-mentioned. Looks like it will be a day full of enthusiasm and evangelism for sketchnoting.

Start before you're ready

06 Dec 2013

Reading Levelling up by Ashely Baxter

Sketchbook Finished

09 Aug 2013

Have finished another sketchbook- always a nice feeling

Scavenged Sketchbook

07 May 2013

It’s always enjoyable when I get to the end of a sketchbook, and this one was no exception.

Slow! Project ahead

21 Dec 2007

Mulling over, with the help of some alcohol, the process of building websites.

Strategic CSS Managment

20 Jun 2006

My thoughts on the very interesting @media presentation on the managment of the css design process.

You are here

29 Mar 2005

a nice trip to the design museum

How to lie with maps

18 Jan 2005

Began reading this for the opening chapters which explain very simply, the elements that maps are made of.