Sketchnotes Big list of my sketchnotes

I’ve been drawing sketchnotes for a good few years and have been lucky enough to see lots of fascinating speakers. Taking notes in this way works well for me, and the people I share them with seem to find them useful too.

Below is a big list of all the sketchnotes I’ve done over the years. I’ve sketchnoted the great IWMW since 2012. Most of my sketchnotes have been done live, which I’ve found the most useful for me, though sketchnoting from videos is also fun.

An alternative to browsing the thumbnails is to take a look at the searchable list of speakers

You might like to read a little about how I got started that I wrote for World Sketchnote Day - I’ve also managed to collect some of my thoughts about sketchnoting into a little ebook that is available for the price of a coffee!