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The Status Game

12 Jun 2023

Was keen to read this, as it’s a fascinating subject. It’s a useful lense to apply to how people behave. Great on the different types of status games, and how they happen in different proportions in a variety of situations.

Rugby Biographies Lockdown Project

15 Sep 2020

I read a load of Rugby Biographies on a whim.

Forms that work

05 Mar 2018

A very old book in tech terms, but the advice is still strong and sensible. So much so that I’d had absorbed a lot without realising that this was the source. I thought i would take some notes to help me remember the key things.

Non Stop

20 Aug 2017

Took a while to get going, but the second half picked up. Suberbly well thought out and explained setting and great how it all came together. Much like ‘Hothouse’ it struck me as pretty promising film adaption material.

How to Connect with Nature

19 May 2016

Really enjoyable little book that encouraged me to get out and about more and also how to think more.

The Ghost Road

09 Jan 2016

Impressively written and evocative book about WW1 and the two protagonists approaches to the horrors.

The Psychopath Test

05 Aug 2015

I needed a book for my long train journey back from the excellent as usual IWMW, so popped into the charity shop and came up with ‘The Psychopath Test’ by Jon Ronson. I really enjoyed the ensuing 5 hours on the train, with an entertaining and interesting tour of mental illness, psychiatry, psychology and the media. Much more fun than it sounds.

The Martian Way

26 Jun 2015

Recently picked up this Isaac Asimov collection of four short stories, with this interesting sixties cover. I’m trying my technique of some post reading doodles to help my memory, and enjoyment. It was new to do short stories, and good to pause at the end to do a little drawing. I think I need to watch that I don’t try to illustrate the story, but instead take bits that will act as signposts for me.

The Blind Assassin

17 Jun 2015

My post reading sketchnote from ‘The Blind Assassin’ by Margaret Atwood. It took a while for me to get into it, but then it was really enjoyable. Some evocative passages and convincing backdrop to a well told story. The multiple narratives and switches never felt contrived.

Drive Sketchnotes

20 May 2015

Really enjoyed this book, and my notes don’t do it justice. I’ve captured the main points but left out all the comprehensive references to studies. I need to revist the third part of the book, which was a practical toolkit.

Left Hand of Darkness

30 Mar 2015

Recently read ‘The Left Hand of Darkness’ by Ursula LeGuin, and frustrated with the amount of books I’ve read and enjoyed that have subsequently evaporated from my memory, I decided to sketchnote a summary of what I remembered immediately having finished convinced that it will ‘fix’ it more permanently.