sketchnotes IWMW16

I captured some of the wisdom of the panel at the end of the always excellent IWMW. Below, in no particular order, are the sketchnotes I managed for the talks I went to. As usual, plenty of things have my fired up, though this year's seem to fly by. For each session I've sketchnoted, I've added some impressions

General conclusions

A common theme emerged from the conference was the added value of meeting people from a variety of orgs often facing similar problems. I felt that I didn't meet as many new people this year as previously. I might put it down to the city centre nature of the event, which was great fun and Liverpool was lovely, but meant that groups dispersed easily. I think I'm already resolved to make more of an effort to be as welcoming to newbies next year (if I get to go) as people were to me at my first way back in 2009.

CMA seems to have taken over from CMS as the acronym de jour. With lots of uncertainty about the practicalities with lots of people waiting to see real world cases of CMA information being found wanting. In the meantime I loved Mandy's observation that CMA is in danger of being treated like a Health and Safety issue and leading to organisation being overly cautious about the information made available for fear of the the consequences. It's this reframing of CMA as a risk that might undermine innovation in meeting users needs and expectations. and finally it was great to see so many examples of Change management underpinned by solid theory and on the ground activity. Who'd have thought I'd be writing a sentence like that a few years ago ;-)

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