sketchnotes IWMW19

Round up of IWMW19

IWMW19 Drawings of Talks Sketchnotes : Graphic Recording of IWMW19

Larger Version for download

This was big step up for me. In an echo of last year where I volunteered to do something and then thought ‘What have I commited to?’ I offered to take my little sketchbook efforts onto a big sheet of paper and draw out in front.

Drawing Station Drawing Setup

I was lucky enough to have a great surface and spot to get to work on, and completely forgot there were loads of people behind me. Lots of people said lovely things about how much they liked the drawings which was very nice, and I hope that they compliment the talks. They still work well for me, and helped me write up the conference.

I really think if you attend an event and don’t write it up in some way, you’re missing a crucial step in getting the best out of it. I’ve written up some brief thoughts for each of the sessions, and each page has larger versions of the notes for anyone who’d like them.

The general impression for me of this years’ event was of super-efficient organisation, some great experimental approaches to talk and workshop formats and the palpable sense of community that comes from having so many people pitching in. And a wonderful venue.

Good job all round!